XLS-1 Ultrasonic Level Sensor

May 16, 2016 - Plainville, Connecticut, USA - Gems Sensors & Controls announces the launch of the XLS-1, an Ultrasonic Level Sensor.

XLS-1 Ultrasonic Level SensoThe XLS-1 is a reliable and rugged no moving part level sensor, designed to handle harsh environments. The XLS-1 features a compact design which allows for maximum installation flexibility. It features six mounting options to ensure the sensor fits into a wide range of applications. The unique ultrasonic sensing technology enables the XLS-1 to reliably sense oil, water, and harsh chemicals, while ignoring foam and condensation. The XLS-1 has no moving parts, and is an ideal solution for sensing liquid level in off highway vehicles, generators, water/oil tanks, printers, and other industrial applications.

The solid-state XLS-1 provides an alternative to our existing reed switch based products when durability in demanding applications is essential. Additionally, with its similar footprint, the XLS-1 can serve as an alternative to the popular CAP-300 technology when detecting oil and harsh chemicals is required.

More complete information on the NEW XLS-1 Level Sensor is available on the XLS-1 Ultrasonic Level Sensor Product Page!