Continuous Level Transmitters for Tank Level Measurement

Gems continuous level transmitters are ideal for remote tank measurement for small to mid-size tanks. A wide variety of material combinations make them compatible with most liquid media and challenging fluids (including ultra-pure, dirty, coating, scaling and corrosive types). Tank Level Sensors are available in multiple sensing technologies including floatradar and ultrasonic liquid level sensing.

How Tank Level Sensors Work:

Float Level Transmitters

Float liquid level sensing tracks liquid surface motion. As liquid level rises the float will indicate the presence of liquid by actuating the electrical or pneumatic switch. The opposite occurs when liquid level lowers, the float will indicate the absence of liquid by deactivating the electrical or pneumatic switch.

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Radar Liquid Level Transmitters

Radar liquid level sensing sends micropulses along a probe guide at the speed of light. When the impulses reach the surface of the media, it is reflected back to the electronic module.

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Ultrasonic Level Transmitters

Ultrasonic Level Transmitters are mounted at the top of a tank and continuously transmit pulses of high-frequency sound waves away from the sensor. Once the sound waves hit the surface of the liquid it returns to the sensor.

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Tank Level Sensor Industries & Applications:

Continuous level transmitters are versatile in monitoring liquid level needs. They can monitor water, diesel, lube oils and fuels, as well as various chemical and petrochemical liquids. A few industries where Gems’ level transmitters are used are:

Tank Level Sensors Types:

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