Float Level Switches & Sensors with Magnetic Reed Switches

Gems Liquid Level Float Switches operate on a direct, simple principle. In most models, a float encircling a stationary stem is equipped with powerful, permanent magnets. As the float rises or lowers with liquid level, the magnetic field generated from within the float actuates a hermetically sealed, magnetic reed switch mounted within the stem. The stem is made of non-magnetic metals or rugged, engineered plastics. When mounted vertically, this basic design provides a consistent accuracy of ±1/8 inch. Multi-station float switches use a separate reed switch for each level point being monitored.


Float Switch & Magnetic Reed Switch - Gems™ Sensors




Side-mounted float switches use different actuation methods because of their horizontal attitude. The basic principle, however, is the same: as a direct result of rising or falling liquid, a magnetic field is moved into the proximity of a reed switch, causing its actuation.

Magnetic Reed Switch Reliability
The durable construction of these magnetic reed switches ensures long, trouble-free service. When the effects of shock, wear and vibration are minimized, these hermetically reed sealed switches provide precise repeatability with no more than 1% deviation. The sensor actuation points remain constant over the life of the float switch.

Customers typically choose float switches and magnetic reed switches because they are hyper-reliable, simple and are an economical way of determining liquid level. These sensors can be made of a variety of material options and are compatible with most liquid media. These sensors are intended to actuate when media is at a single set high or low point.