Pressure Transducer & Oil Pressure Sensors

Enhancing Performance with Pressure Sensors

Pressure transducers have become an invaluable tool for the protection and optimization of industrial equipment, converting fluid pressure into variable electrical signals that can monitor and control a system. The Gems portfolio includes general purpose and high performance pressure transducer options.

General Purpose Pressure Sensors (CVD)

Typical Pressure Transducer Applications: Gems Sensors general purpose pressure transducers feature strong, long-term drift performance through Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) manufacturing (where a polysilicon layer is bonded to a stainless-steel diaphragm at the molecular level). Common batch processing semiconductor manufacturing methods are used to create a polysilicon strain gauge bridge with terrific performance at a very reasonable price. CVD construction offers excellent price/performance and is the most popular sensor for OEM applications.

High-Performance Pressure Sensors

Gems Sensors high-performance pressure sensors feature maximum combined linearity, hysteresis and repeatability. Accuracy is as high as 0.08% full scale with long term drift as low as 0.06% full scale per year. Phenomenal performance for critical instruments. These high-performance sensors feature sputtered thin film technology and include intrinsically safe options, a wide-range of certifications and approvals as well as a broad choice of outputs.

Typical Pressure Transducer Applications

  • Off-Highway Vehicles -- Load Weighing Systems and Load Moment Indicating
  • Natural Gas Equipment -- Compressors and Dispensing Equipment
  • Semiconductor Processing -- Wafer Manufacturing
  • Power Plants -- Piping Steam Pressure
  • Refrigeration -- Compressors and Lube Oil Pressure Sensor & Equipment
  • Robotics -- Factory Automated Equipment
  • Test & Measurement -- Dynamometers, Medical Instrumentation, Wind Tunnels
  • Barometrics -- Altimeter certification, Weather Stations
  • HVAC -- Compressors, Filter Monitoring, Energy Management
  • Transportation -- Breaking, Compressors, Lifts, Air Conditioning

3100 Pressure Transducers provide breathable air tank level readings

Pressure sensors utilized to fight fires
  • Excellent Repeatability, Reliability
  • Sensing Ranges from Vacuum to 10,000 psi (-1 to 689 bar)
  • Broad Range of Sensing Technologies:     
    • Chemical Vapor Deposition     
    • Sputtered Thin Film     
    • Capacitance     
    • MMS
    • Oil pressure sensor


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