Condition Based Monitoring

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What is Condition Based Monitoring?

Condition based monitoring tracks the health of equipment and can determine when maintenance should be performed due to observed indicators demonstrating signs of declining performance or upcoming failure.

The Gems Sensors Condition Monitoring System is a powerful hardware and software solution which combines flexibility and ease of integration to provide real-time machine condition alerts. Oil condition, tank level, and remote pressure and temperature monitoring are among the many items that are detectable through our condition monitoring analytics software. Critical system alerts can be established for warning and key system parameters can be analyzed to improve equipment performance & uptime while reducing operating costs.

How Does Condition Monitoring Work?

Gems Sensors condition monitoring solution utilizes sensors to monitor the status of operation assets overtime and track performance to identify developing faults in machinery.

Install a Gems Sensors
Condition Monitoring Sensor


Connect to Gems Condition
Based Monitoring Gateway


Monitor Condition
on Real-Time Dashboard


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Advantages of Condition Monitoring

There are several benefits for implementing a condition based monitoring solution, including:


  • Asset reliability and uptime
  • Optimized service intervals
  • Minimized maintenance downtime due to unplanned equipment failures
  • Early detection of machine abnormalities in real time
  • & more!


To learn about all the advantages of choosing Gems Sensors Condition Based Monitoring System and how it can make a difference in monitoring your equipment sign up for a free demo.

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Types of Condition Monitoring Applications

Gems Fluid Condition Monitoring System can be customized across multiple applications such as:

Oil Condition Monitoring


Oil Analysis



Oil analysis condition monitoring can reveal oil health, oil contamination and machine wear.

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Tank Level Monitoring


Tank Level Monitoring



Tank level condition monitoring can detect deep subsurface defects within tank equipment.

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Remote Pressure and Temperature


Remote Pressure Monitoring



Pressure and temperature condition monitoring can determine when thresholds have been exceeded to address alerts quickly.

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